Project Leader Coaching™

Our professional project coaches can be brought in to develop your project leaders mid-project to offer timely, experience based, objective guidance and support.

Some project leaders do not have the time to attend our 2-day programme. Some will benefit more from timely advice and support in the midst of the project they are managing.

Those individuals who are really on top of their game, be they politicians, police chiefs or pro golfers all have coaches nearby.

coaching Project Leaders coaches have earned their stripes through leading successful projects and are keen to share their experience and lessons learned with you.

Coaching can be anywhere between “directive” to “non-directive” depending on how much direct advice is given compared how much the project manager is encouraged to discover their own answers.

Project Leaders coaches are highly trained across this continuum and will bring into play the right approach to suit the situation the project manager is in. If it ends up being advice that is needed, we will have discerned that by firstly asking a range of open and exploratory questions.

The key criticism of the use of business coaches is the wide variance in quality. Project Leaders coaches are thoroughly trained in both the 7 facets and 12 attributes used in The Psychometric Test™ and the Project Leader Profiler™. This means 2 things:
  1. There is a high degree of consistency in the approach and guidance provided, regardless of the coach.
  2. Project Leaders coaches have 19 options to provide specific insight into every project manager’s issues (7 facets, 12 attributes).

coaching It is incredible how effective a small intervention can be at the right time. Roger Bannister claims his brief encounter with a coach on the morning of his fateful run in 1954 made all the difference in gaining his sub 4-minute mile. Project Leaders coaches can provide the same clarity and motivation to help you exceed project limits everyone else thinks are impossible…

Contact us now and let’s help develop your project leaders.