Project Leader Profiler™

The 12 project leadership attributes of a person are analysed by the Project Leader Profiler™.

Through 1-to-1 or in-depth interviews, the Project Leader Profiler™ examines views and experiences of various aspects of project leadership in the context of the delegate's project environment.

A particular strength of this methodology is the ability for responses to be compared over time and across interviews so that both development needs and the benefits of training, coaching or mentoring through the Project Leader Training™ programme can be tracked.

The Project Leader Profiler™ can be used as a stand-alone tool or as a complement to The Psychometric Test™ so that both qualitative and quantitative measures are provided with uniquely powerful conclusions.

This analyses 12 essential project leadership attributes identifiable in successful leaders in industry.
  • visionary
  • strategist
  • commercial acumen
  • integrity
  • panoramic perception
  • realist
  • judgement
  • decisive/decision-maker
  • team-builder
  • empowering
  • motivational
  • politician

The attributes are complementary to but different from the 7 facets. Whilst the 7 facets are "intrinsic" elements of the project manager's leadership personality, the attributes are all "extrinsic" elements that can usually be developed more quickly. Combining facets and attributes provides the user, whether project leader, HR professional or recruitment consultant with by far the most comprehensive diagnostic of a project managers' capability.

The profiler process involves a one-to-one in-depth interview (or panel interview if the client prefers) to assess the interviewee against strict criteria, in addition to gauging awareness, meaning and capability in the project leader role and its 12 attributes (plus the seven primary facets when combined with The Psychometric Test™).

The Project Leader Profiler™ can be used as part of internal promotion or assessment for development. The interviewee’s immediate line manager will be requested to give feedback on their responses, providing the perfect tool for a realistic, objective measure, comparable over time.

Project Leader Profiler™ can be used as a stand-alone tool or ideally as a complement to The Psychometric Test™ providing both qualitative and quantitative measures with uniquely powerful conclusions.

The many benefits include:
  • Tangible leadership attributes against which to assess key project staff.
  • Knowledge of project leader potential and capability.
  • Reliable information to prepare a practical personal development plan.
  • The differentiation between the manager and the leader, rather than by assumption.
  • The consistency, objectivity and reliable data upon which to make recruitment or development decisions.