The Psychometric Test™

Quite simply the de facto psychometric test for project leaders. Created specifically for the project management profession from a 7-year industry research study.

The study concluded that leadership potential can be analysed in these 7 facets:
  • pragmatic
  • creative
  • positively intolerant
  • group oriented
  • stable
  • communicator
  • motivated

The test results provide 7 scores and an overall score on the individual’s leadership preference, indicating capability and potential.

The 7 facets were identified from a unique combination of practical research with industry leaders, building on over 100 years of generic academic leadership research.

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The results are based on measures that have been tested scientifically across the project environment, using large samples of employees at all levels of seniority and positions.

Benefits of the The Psychometric Test™:
  • Compares the respondent against the industry ‘norm’.
  • Assesses the capacity of the respondent to make contentious project decisions.
  • Gauges the respondent's current motivation.
  • Evaluates stability, group orientation and essential elements in developing leadership skills.