The Project Leaders System™

The 7-year university and industry research study culminated in The Project Leaders System™.

This all-encompassing programme is comprised of:

By combining all 4 tools, the organisation maximises their strength in project management and leadership. The system delivers a range of assessment tools and learning options which will help to increase the rigour and confidence used by an organisation both in new recruitment and ongoing development of its project professionals. These can dovetail with existing technical and methodological training to build fully rounded project leaders.

Profiler graphic

The Psychometric Test™ is our online test designed specifically for project leadership. Try it for yourself.

Project Leadership Profiler™ is a robust, structured approach to investigating in-depth a potential project leaders' capacity. Using results from The Psychometric Test™, this provides an "off the shelf" system of self and assessor compiled data that provide the assurance required before making recruitment or internal appointment decisions.

Project Leadership Training™ continues the project leadership selection-assessment-development cycle by providing an intensive 2-day simulated project exercise throughout which learners will be tested and receive on the spot feedback and coaching on their performance. The simulation can be quickly built around the specific requirements of the organisation and is based on the 7 facets covered in The Psychometric Test™.

Project Leadership Coaching™ is designed for existing project leaders who will benefit from live "on project" guidance and support. This is provided by our team of industry-seasoned project professionals.

The system takes a macro and micro view of industries and the biennial Project Leadership Forum™ focuses on project environments in their entirety to influence ongoing best practice. We are aware of the ever-changing landscape experienced by project leaders and determined to continuously update the system to guarantee relevance.