Project Leader Training™

This 2-day immersive programme trains your project leaders with the techniques and tools they need to acquire the essential knowledge, skill and expertise to lead their projects and deliver success.

Ask yourself:
  • How stable does the project leader stay when pressure increases and goalposts change?
  • How pragmatic is the project leaders when presented with ambiguity and grey areas?
  • How creative is the project manager when a supplier comes up short?
  • How positively intolerant can the project leader be when a team member is continuously under-performing?
  • How well does the project leader communicate when given a new brief and very short time to prepare?
  • How well does the project leader motivate themselves and others when the project feels like it’s going off the rails?
  • How group-oriented is the project leader when there’s problem-solving to be done?

training You need the answers to these questions (and many others).

By simulating scenarios that are based on real project situations, we get a clear picture and can provide on the spot advice and re-runs so that learners adapt and improve in real time.

Project Leader Training™ offers open and company specific programmes, built upon our intensive research of the leadership challenges that Project Managers face. It is unique in its focus on the profession.

During the 2 day, we simulate business real-life scenarios to maximise the learning achieved. Each event begins with a review of the 7 facets that are tested with The Psychometric TestTM and upon which the simulation is built.

training The Project Leaders Group has created a unique framework that represents a typical project lifecycle and a series of interactions that most projects will experience, these include:
  • Agreeing the business case
  • Managing multiple stakeholders
  • Presenting at a contentious gate review
  • Running a risk review meeting
  • Negotiating for resource from an overstretched programme manager
  • Dealing with contractors / suppliers when KPIs or Earned Value is slipping
  • Running post project reviews

There are over 50 such examples that can be combined and tailored to suit any client’s needs. For example, we can concentrate on very specific elements of your project such as commercial acumen or stakeholder management, or select a range of scenarios to test your Project Managers. Alternatively we will rapidly develop 100% customised scenarios based on your needs.

trainingWhat all programmes have in common is our project simulation approach. To inspect and develop leadership qualities, you must observe people in action, NOT teach them theories.

Our trainers are all seasoned project leaders and trainers and will represent a range of different characters that learners will have to successfully deal with in order to successfully navigate the simulated project through some challenging waters.

These are training events like no other and are not for the faint hearted!

Contact us now and let's help your project leaders flourish.